" For Fun", is the latest single from artist True Istina, the song is a unique blend of pop, R&B, rap, and dance music. The song is fresh, hip and has a sexy modern twist to those genres, it's a song that is power packed with energy and conviction and the lyrics match the melody and overall tone of the song, which is about independence and impowerment, knowing what you want and speaking your mind. The song will appeal to teens, and fans of pop, rap,dance and R&B. 

The vocals and melody create a modern, fresh song that incorporates a variety of genres and sounds that Istina has made all her own. From the folky beginnings of the song complete with handclaps to create the rhythm and beat to the sharp tight raps and lyrics that flow so freely from her lips, to the horns in the background that give it an R&B Jazz feel the song's melody and energy will have up on the dance floor all while singing all with it on blast. Her vocals and raps are solid, and the vibrato and variations and flucutations in her voice offer a lot of variety and appeal to the song.