I started writing music as an outlet for myself. I had been in counseling for bullying but at some point it was no longer helping me, it was a mental block. So I wrote songs to help me understand what I was feeling and to find a way to release pain, or discomfort, or anxiety, or even feelings of being betrayed. I never thought that in a million years that I would be releasing my own songs and to be honest I was never going to. I had only let my mom hear my songs and she had sent it to my manager, and that is how it started. But I never had thought or had wanted to be a songwriter a singer yes but songwriting I didn’t even know if my songs were any good. I just remember that one day I looked back at some of my songs in my song book and just looking at them made me realize that I wanted to release my songs not for money, not for fame but just for the mere chance that it could help someone understand that they are not alone, though it may feel like it, that their feelings are valid and they are allowed to have them without having to apologize for them, and to even be able to understand what they are going through. This Truth is where the artist name True Istina comes from. “ “When I write music I speak my truth I only write what’s real. My feelings are real and that is way some of my songs are very deep. On my new album “True Istina” there are two sides to the music I have the more story telling side that represents experiences and the positive side filled with hope and healing even for myself.”My only goal with releasing this music is that it makes you feel something, understood, not alone, or to find an understanding of your own feelings. I hope the music helps you feel more confident, more kind to yourself and, strong just strong how ever you take that, because strength is the only thing that can you get through anything. With that being said I hope that you connect to my music and it helps you in any way you need it. Always speak your truth True Istina”” - True Istina

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